Our Goals for Each Child...

A personal and active faith in God
The building of community as a Christian value
A deep respect for intellectual values
Personal growth in self- awareness
A social awareness which impels one to act
cross country

Who we are...

We are a Catholic Christian community expected to help each other learn and grow by treating each other with respect and generosity. Our community extends to parents and families, as we acknowledge that they are the primary educators of their children.

We help form students who know their faith by holding ourselves to rigorous standards of scholarship and encouraging excellence from our teachers, staff, and students.

We help form students who understand their faith by challenging our students to apply their knowledge to the world around them so that they will remain lifelong learners committed to seeking truth.

We help form students who live their faith by integrating prayer, sacraments, service, and catechesis into our curriculum at all levels.

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