Sister Parish

Corpus Christi Parish in Jalchatra, Bangladesh

In 2008, Christ the King began a sister parish relationship with Corpus Christi Parish in Jalchatra, Bangladesh, which, like Christ the King, is administered by the Congregation of Holy Cross. Corpus Christi parishioners are an ethnic and religious minority who live in a relatively remote part of the country, and the parish is served by more than 20 mission chapels and several parish schools.

Students at Christ the King engage our sister parish in a number of ways. There are several opportunities throughout the year for the students to raise money for our sister parish, which is especially helpful since a little bit of money goes a long way in Bangladesh. They also have opportunities to learn a little bit about what life is like in Bangladesh through various presentations. Finally, we keep them in prayer through regular Mass intentions and classroom prayer opportunities. Our relationship with Corpus Christi Jalchatra is an important way that our students learn what it means to be part of a Universal Church, with brothers and sisters all over the world.