Christ the King has a few fundraisers throughout each school year.

Thank you for your continued support of Christ the King School!

  • ``You Can Lend a Hand`` - this event has evolved over the years, especially during the Covid pandemic. Stay tuned for any new changes. This occurs during Catholic Schools Week in winter.
  • Christ the King Dinner Auction - this is a biannual event. Our next Auction will take place on Friday, February 7, 2025, at the Gillespie Center. For more information, check out
  • The Fall Raffle is a mandatory fundraising event for all school families.
    • Our raffle is sponsored by, and the grand prize is $5000! Each ticket will be sold for $10. Only those 18 and older can legally purchase the tickets. The number of tickets you are assigned is determined by the number of children you have enrolled at CKS. Families with one child sell 10 tickets, two children sell 15 tickets, and families with three or more students will sell 20 tickets in total. Payments can be made via cash, check, or money order (payable to CKS), and is due with the return of the ticket stubs.
    • Selling opportunities will be available after the weekend masses during the selling period. Additional information on these opportunities will be made as the raffle draws near. Turn-in of the ticket stubs and payments is available each school-day morning. Please ensure all stubs and payments are marked clearly and sealed in an envelope or Ziploc bag when returned to school.
    • IMPORTANT: All raffle tickets are numbered to allow for proper tracking of the seller. You must return all the tickets that are assigned to you.  Whether you sell them or not, the ticket stubs must be returned to ensure an accurate count for Indiana gaming laws. Any unreturned tickets will become your responsibility and charged to the student/family account.
    • Students must be involved in the selling process. This is a fantastic way to grow in communication skills, goal setting, and hard work, all while supporting their school. Additional tickets will be available for children that want to sell above the minimum. Should you feel unable to reach your family goal, you must reach out to Mrs. Jeffress or Fr. Steve to discuss your family situation.