Uniform/Dress Policy

Uniform/Dress Code Policy

There are several important reasons why Christ the King has an established dress and appearance code. A Catholic school cannot allow clothing and accessories that are counter to religious values of modesty and self-respect. We believe that uniform dress produces good behavior and morale. Additionally, the dress and appearance code gives each student equal standing among his or her peers, regardless of economic background. Dress code rules apply to grades K-8; free dress is allowed in the Pre-K program with the exception of shoes.

All students (Pre-K through 8) should be in shoes that completely enclose the foot (leather or athletic shoes).  No style of boot is ever worn. Students must bring appropriate shoes to change into during the winter months. Roller shoes, moccasins, clogs, and sandals are not permitted in any grade.

Conforming to the dress and appearance code is one of the easiest ways for the students to show their cooperation and support of Christ the King School.

All Students

The official school outfitters of Christ the King School are Schoolbelles, Land’s End, and Sports Image Apparel of Indiana. Please feel free to contact these companies online through our website under the heading Parents/Shop Apparel. Clothing may be purchased at local area stores if, and only if, the style of clothing matches that of this dress code and those sold by the above-listed vendors. Students are expected to attend school in clothing that is clean, neat, fits comfortably (neither too large nor too tight), is not tattered, ragged, or torn. Clothing that displays pictures, language, or symbols that are vulgar, violent, sexual, drug/alcohol-related, or in any way offensive or disruptive is not acceptable school attire.


Boys and girls may wear "Docker style "navy or khaki dress pants (no cargo pants) in good repair. They may be tapered, straight-legged, or gently flared (no bell bottoms). Pants must have belt loops and belts must be worn. They may not have exterior (stitched-on) pockets, split seams, frayed legs, excessive exterior stitching, or elastic/drawstring hems. Grades K-3 may wear elastic-waistband, pull-up trousers that conform to the above specifications.


Boys and girls may wear navy or khaki walking shorts of modest length; no more than 2 inches above the knee. Capri pants are acceptable for girls. These shorts may be worn from the first day of school until October 1. The summer dress code begins again on May 1 (or an earlier date as determined by the administration) and continues until the end of the school year. Students in primary grades may wear pull-up shorts.


Boys and girls must wear white, navy blue, royal, or cobalt blue polo shirts with a logo; long or short sleeves. Polo shirts must be purchased through one of the official vendors (Lands' End or Sports Image Apparel of Indiana.) Students may also wear the long or short-sleeved CKS Friday shirts each week unless stated otherwise by the school administration. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Shirts must be of sufficient length to remain tucked while sitting or standing.

Skirts & Jumpers

CKS plaid apparel is available only from Schoolbelles Uniform Company. Lands’ End and Schoolbelles also carry a solid navy blue jumper with the white school logo and a solid khaki jumper with a navy logo. Jumpers and skirts are not required to have the logo. ALL GIRLS may wear a plain khaki or navy skirt, available through Lands’ End or Schoolbelles. These skirts may not be purchased through any other source. White or navy polo shirts are to be worn with all skirts. (Skirt length may not be more than 2 inches above the knee). Girls may wear a white blouse (or their white polo shirt) with their jumper. The blouse must have a collar and may be long or short-sleeved. The blouse may not have any ruffles, piping, or embroidery trim. Blouses are only permitted for wear with the jumper. A Polo shirt must be worn with all skirts.


Durable flat-soled shoes or athletic shoes may be worn. No style of boot (hiking, cowboy, etc) may be worn in school, regardless of the season. Students must bring appropriate shoes to change into during the winter months. Shoes must have a closed toe and a full back, completely enclosing the foot. Shoes must have heels of less than one inch. Roller shoes, clogs, moccasins, and sandals are not permitted.


Plain black, white, or navy blue crew socks are acceptable. Socks may have a small logo but cannot have decorations or be trimmed with another color. Girls may wear hosiery or tights. Socks or hosiery must be worn at all times. Socks must be visible (soccer socks are not allowed).


CKS blue spirit wear sweatshirt/hoodie may be worn throughout the year on FRIDAY ONLY and can be ordered through Elevation Sports. The navy embroidered fleece, however, may be worn every day (Monday-Friday) and can be ordered through Lands’ End or Sports Image Apparel of Indiana. All sweatshirts must have the CKS logo. Sweatshirts are to be worn over a uniform shirt, as described above.


Navy blue sweaters and sweater vests for girls and boys are an optional part of the dress code ensemble. These sweaters and vests may be purchased through Schoolbells or Lands' End. The sweaters and vests must be solid navy with no embellishments or logos. Cardigans, crew or V-neck pullovers are all acceptable. Half-zip polar fleece sweaters and zip-front fleece vests embroidered with the school logo are permitted. All sweaters and vests must be worn over the required dress code shirt. These items must be purchased from Schoolbelles or Land's End.


Dark brown or black belts and leather is a required part of the dress code, beginning in grade 4. They are to be dress belts with no decoration.

Physical Education

Students must wear the uniform that is purchased through the approved vendor. Students do not change out of their uniforms until they enter the 3rd grade. 


Permitted jewelry includes a watch and/or a religious medal or a cross on a small chain. The chain should be plain and without ornamentation. Religious scapular and medical alert necklaces (or bracelets) may also be worn underneath a uniform shirt. Only girls may wear earrings. Post earrings are acceptable; no hoop or dangling earrings are to be worn. Only one earring in each ear is permitted. Body piercings and tattoos are prohibited.


Hairstyles should be neat, well-groomed, and not distracting to other students. Hair color should be the student’s natural hair color. Hair ornaments should be small in size, so as not to be a distraction. Large bows, headbands with cat ears, and other ornamental hairpieces are not acceptable. Boys’ hair may be no longer than the collar, and not longer than mid-ear on the sides.


Make-up, if worn at all, should be modest and virtually unnoticeable. Only neutral colors may be used. Sparkles or glitter are not acceptable.

Nail Polish

Girls may wear nail polish, of all colors except Black to school. Nails must not be a distraction. We ask/request that the nail polish stays neat.

Announced Blue Jean Days

On announced blue jean days, students may wear blue jeans, jean skirts, or jean jumpers to school. Jeans must be loose-fitting, regular cut, plain colored, and exclusive of decorations. Blue jean shorts may be worn if the announced day falls during the period of the summer dress code. Blue jean shorts must meet the same requirements as uniform shorts. Students must wear the long or short-sleeved CKS t-shirt unless stated otherwise by the school administration. Athletic jerseys may be worn when their school-sponsored team is actively in season. The following items are not to be worn on non-uniform days; breakaways, cargo pants, wind pants, sweatpants, and similar items deemed inappropriate by the school administration. Students have the option to wear their regular school uniform on announced blue jean days.

Announced Dress-Up Days

Boys may wear dress pants, dress shirts, dress shoes, and sweaters or vests of any color. For certain events, a tie may be required. Girls may wear dresses and skirts, no shorter than three inches above the knee. Dress pants may also be worn. Sleeveless and spaghetti-strap garments must be covered at all times. Clothes should be loose fitting and appropriate for a Catholic School. Blouses that are low-cut or too short to be tucked in are not considered appropriate. Shoes must not have a heel more than 1-1/2 inches high for safety reasons. Jeans, cargo pants, wind pants, or athletic shoes may not be worn (both boys and girls) on days announced as "Dress Up" Days.